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About Us

Performance Chiropractic traces its roots back to 1979, when Dr. Nat Shaye opened the Shaye Chiropractic Clinic in Newport News, VA.  Dr. Shaye’s wife Brenda was the office manager, and their son Daniel was in charge of cleaning the office and sorting newsletters.  When Daniel became Dr. Daniel Shaye in 1996, the doctors Shaye formed Performance Chiropractic and opened the Williamsburg office.  Dr. Nat Shaye retired in 2008, selling off the Newport News location and making the Williamsburg office the company’s headquarters.  We’ve been at our current location since then, serving the people of Greater Williamsburg and surrounding communities.

Caring for Your Unique Needs

Our office serves everyone from young students to seniors. Dr. Shaye’s oldest patient was 97, and his youngest hadn’t yet reached a year! Whether your goal is age gracefully, be able to survive the workday, or play with the kids, we are ready to help.

For more active people, we offer a unique skillset. Dr. Shaye has helped recreational, competitive, and even professional athletes reach their goals. From assisting recreational walkers and tennis players to helping competitive collegiate, Olympian and world championship athletes, we’ll help connect you to your true potential. We use evidence-based care and a modern understanding of science. For active people and runners, solutions such as gait analysis help us optimize your form and function while minimizing risk.

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Helping All Ages Feel Great and Function Their Best

All ages see remarkable success with chiropractic care and acupuncture. Dr. Shaye grew up around chiropractic, accepting as normal the wonders of chiropractic adjustments. As a child, the younger Shaye would have his father adjust him for headaches and sports injuries, which resolved quickly and without drugs.  That sort of experience made a lasting impression on him, and inspired him to enter the profession himself.

Another remarkable story involves a family who called on a weekend evening.  The father was literally lying on the floor in pain.  Dr. Shaye mercifully rendered a house call, examined the man, and adjusted him.  To this day, Dr. Shaye remembers the family literally dancing with their father as Dr. Shaye packed up his portable adjusting table.  Though we don’t typically do house calls, here at Performance Chiropractic we have the privilege of seeing these miracles happen every day.

We offer same-day appointments. Book your appointment with us today, or stop by at your convenience!

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