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Performance Chiropractic Additional Testimonials

Hear More of What Our Patients Are Saying


Dr. Daniel Shaye has given me great relief from neck pain and headaches using a gentle and precise technique. He has not only improved my quality of life, but also helped to heal and strengthen my body as well. He and his office staff make a chiropractic visit something to look forward to. -Tara G.

September 2008, I developed a very severe sciatic type pain which radiated down the rear of my left leg. I heard about Performance Chiropractic around that time. I arranged for an appointment and received multistage therapies. After a while, I became free from the pain. At the present, I am with the once a month wellness program. GOODBYE SCIATIC PAIN, HELLO WELLNESS. -Richard S.

State-of-the-Art,With a Caring Touch’ is as accurate as a statement that can be made when referring to Dr. Shaye’s techniques, knowledge of the body, and his bedside manner. He correctly assesses the problem and applies techniques that provide the pain relief one seeks. He’s the best of the best! -Dr. Pascal B.

As a commercial airline pilot, I need to have full mobility to reach all cockpit controls and switches in flight. After being involved in an auto accident last year it became increasingly more painful to reach and operate some of the controls and switches. Dr. Shaye developed and implemented a treatment plan that restored my complete range of motion and eliminated the pain I was experiencing while flying as well as during my ‘down time’. -Brad P.

After seeing Dr. Daniel Shaye for only a couple chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, I can turn my head and look over my shoulders for the first time in more than three years. I can also stand up from a sitting position without having to push or pull myself up. It is wonderful to not have routine severe stiffness! -Carolyn T.

Before going to Dr. Shaye, I was experiencing severe pain in my left leg, which was impacting my mobility and quality of life. After working with Dr. Shaye for two weeks, the pain has subsided and we are now working on life-long changes. But the most exciting thing is, I did something that I have been unable to do for months, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon I took a long walk down the Duke of Gloucester Street with my wife pain free and once again living the good life. -Pierce B.

I credit my ability to continue running and working out to Dr. Daniel Shaye, who has been treating my degenerated disk at the base of my neck. I have not had a recurrence of severe neck, upper back and arm muscle spasms since Dr. Shaye began treating me six years ago. -Col. Timothy C.



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