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Fast, Effective Back Pain Treatment in Williamsburg

Welcome to Performance Chiropractic

Williamsburg chiropractor Dr. Daniel Shaye opened Performance Chiropractic in 1996. He’s been helping Williamsburg families get out of pain and stay there ever since.

Have you been sidelined by back pain? If you answered yes, Dr. Daniel Shaye wants to help you.

Pain of any kind is a signal that something’s amiss. Some people silence their symptoms with a pain reliever and ignore the message. But that would be like removing the battery to quiet a smoke detector!

We can see you today – Call us at (757) 229-4161 or book an appointment online now!

Natural, Drug-Free Relief for Back Pain

Dr. Shaye’s natural, drug-free approach to health care can help with many common back pain conditions. Whether chronic back pain that has been bothering you for years, or you have acute back pain caused by a new injury, we understand your pain and we can help.

Are you ready to get rid of back pain for good?

Performance Chiropractic is accepting new patients. We offer same-day appointments, and accept most insurances.

Call us at (757) 229-4161 or book an appointment online now!


Chiropractor Williamsburg, Daniel Shaye

Dr. Daniel Shaye



  • I started seeing Dr. Daniel Shaye a month ago for neck and shoulder pain that was keeping me from cycling & kayaking. After a month of manipulation & soft tissue work I was able to successfully move into the “Wellness Care” phase — and win 1st place female in the Paddle for the Bay race! Thank you Dr. Shaye!
    - Dawn T.
  • Friendliest staff I have ever encountered in a doctor’s office!
    - Jim G.
  • Dr. Shaye is a very kind and caring doctor. I am very confident in his abilities as a chiropractor.
    - Carolyn B.
  • Wonderful first visit. I felt comfortable and felt better almost immediately.
    - Isabel D.
  • Feeling very safe and hopeful at this practice!!!!
    - Stephanie Y.
  • Very professional!!
    - Sharon W.
  • I was experiencing a lot of headaches, and I’m not one to pop pills for pain. Dr. Shaye worked wonders (and still does). I’m headache free now!!
    - Danny B.
  • This has made a difference for sure. 
    - Thomas H.
  • Wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff!
    - Jennifer S.
  • Very comfortable atmosphere. Everyone is very nice and most helpful.
    - Rd S.
  • Through regular maintenance treatments with Performance Chiropractic, as well as specially targeted treatments on my neck, I have been able to stay relatively pain free and maintain a very active lifestyle.
    - Margaret S.
  • Performance Chiropractic has improved how my body feels and how I treat my body. Everyone is friendly and professional.
    - Tyler W.
  • Very informative session with great results. Thank you for the attention I received.
    - Frank D.
  • I had too much pain; To play golf was a strain. But help came my way When I found Dr. Shaye. Through his nurture and care, My discomfort is rare. And most thrilling for me: Now I’m back on the tee!
    - Marsha L.
  • Dr Shaye listened to my concerns and addressed them. Him and his staff were very friendly and helpful.
    - Tom E.
  • On September 21st, Dr. Daniel Shaye used kinesiotape on my forearm to relieve the pain that I was having in my elbow (due to tendonitis.) By Friday, September 25th, I wanted to participate in bowling with some friends. Whoops! I had temporarily forgotten about the pain. Thanks, Dr. Magic!
    - James D.
  • Very friendly people and did not seem to be rushing through my appointment.
    - Bart B.
  • Dr. Shaye is exceptional at what he does! Thank you for your care.
    - Crystal W.
  • Dr Shaye is awesome and his staff is awesome . All my questions get answered they are always on time I never wait long at all . Very friendly I highly recommend this practice to anyone.
    - Kristine D.
  • I suffered from severe headaches and lower back pain for 2 years. I had a difficult time sleeping and sitting for long periods. After my first series of adjustments my headaches and lower back pain were alleviated. Now I only come in for healthy wellness maintenance.
    - Mia P.
  • My first experience in doing this was great. I felt totally at ease after talking with everyone. I am looking forward to continued great service and improving my health.
    - Kristina S.
  • Thank you for giving me the confidence that we can treat and greatly improve my pain/back problems.
    - Grace S.

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