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Investing in Wellness: Protecting Your Health and Finances in the New Year

woman-holding-piggy-bank-sq-300Healthcare costs are a constant concern for many individuals and families. With expenses on the rise, it’s essential to find ways to safeguard ourselves from the financial burden of sickness, injury, and aging. As we embark on a new year, let’s make a resolution to prioritize our health and adopt a wellness-focused lifestyle.

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Be Patient: Your Body’s Journey to Wellness

When it comes to chiropractic care, patience is key. Many of us seek chiropractic assistance due to specific issues like sports injuries, arthritis, pinched nerves, or headaches; however, it’s important to recognize that these problems often develop over time. Even if you experience sudden pain or discomfort “out of nowhere,” your chiropractor may detect underlying spinal degeneration or improper joint function that requires attention. Give your body time to respond to care and embrace the possibility of feeling good or even great on a long-term basis.

Never Be “Too Busy” to Follow Your Treatment Plan

In a world filled with quick fixes and instant solutions, it’s crucial not to neglect your treatment plan. Following your chiropractor’s recommendations, especially during flare-ups or injuries, is an investment in yourself. Consider the time and money spent on a more intensive treatment plan as an opportunity to minimize relapses, decrease reliance on medication and surgery, and reduce the impact of health issues on your work life.

Don’t Overdo It: Balance and Consistency

While chiropractic care can provide incredible results, it’s important to strike a balance and avoid getting too excited when you start feeling better, AND when you’re not getting better as fast as you might hope. Just as physical wounds take time to heal, injuries and improper nerve patterns require patience and consistent treatment for lasting improvement. Celebrate the good days but be mindful of staying on track and adhering to a well-considered plan for optimal results.

Limit Unnecessary Medications: Embrace Natural Approaches

In our quest to alleviate pain, we often turn to medications that dampen our body’s natural healing responses. Suppressing inflammation, a crucial component of the injury process, can sometimes SLOW recovery. Whenever possible, opt for the natural methods recommended by your chiropractor and prioritize holistic approaches to wellness.

Value Yourself: Prioritize Your Health

Moms, caregivers, working individuals – it’s essential not to place ourselves last in line when it comes to healthcare. Failing to prioritize treatment visits or compromising on self-care may lead to longer recovery times, increased relapses, and ultimately less time available for work and LIFE. Remember that investing in your own well-being is an investment in your overall quality of life.

Take Charge of Your Health: Don’t Let Insurance Dictate

Insurance companies often steer healthcare decisions based on their interests rather than yours. Empower yourself to make informed choices about your health, separate from external pressures. You have the right to drive your healthcare decisions and advocate for what you believe is best for your well-being.

Make Wellness Your Priority

Instead of focusing solely on the cost of sickness, make wellness your primary goal. The current “sick care” model of healthcare in America is falling short. By making a resolution to prioritize wellness, you can significantly decrease your family’s overall healthcare costs not just for the coming year, but for the long haul. Embrace a wellness lifestyle, channel your time, energy, and values towards preventative measures, and reap the benefits of improved health and financial security.

As we step into the new year, let’s commit to investing in our wellness. By being patient, following our treatment plans, maintaining balance, limiting unnecessary medications, valuing ourselves, taking charge of our health, and embracing wellness as a priority, we can protect our health and finances in a proactive and sustainable way.


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