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Maximizing Joint Lifespan With Chiropractic Care

woman knee stretchStriking statistics from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons indicate we are facing an arthritis and joint replacement epidemic.  Joint replacement surgeries may seem like the only solution to arthritis, but do you know there are ways to prolong joint life?  Smart health practices and chiropractic care can significantly prolong joint longevity.

Rising Tide of Joint Replacements

According to published data, there was a significant increase of approximately 800% in hip replacement rates for American seniors from 1979 to 2002 (i) – and the increase continues into the 2020’s. Knee replacement rates also saw a considerable increase of about 400% within the same time frame, the majority of this increase among individuals under 50 (ii).

Recent statistics show that Americans undergo around 450,000 total hip replacements (iii) and 700,000 total knee replacements (iv) annually. Projections indicate these figures will dramatically rise by 2030 (v).

The Need to Prioritize Prevention

So, how do we stem this tide? One answer lies in prevention. Joint surfaces are typically protected by hyaline, a smooth cartilage made mostly of water. We can significantly protect and preserve our body’s framework by ensuring adequate hydration and building strength around our major weight-bearing joints;  and minimizing damaging activities like standing on concrete for long periods, or poorly-chosen footwear, or not “backing off” when our bodies warn us of impending injury.

The Power of Professional Guidance

Proper alignment of the body has profound effects on your knees, as well as your hips and back.  Major trauma (car accidents, sports injuries) and microtrauma (day-in, day-out poor habits) create imbalances and poor movement patters, and ingrain those patterns.  Those imbalances can cause damaging overload and premature wear on the joints. This is where a professional can make a difference. A chiropractic doctor can identify normal vs. abnormal motion – and correct the areas that don’t move like they are designed to. 

These highly trained professionals help your body function like a fine-tuned masterpiece.

Recognizing the Interconnectedness

Understanding how the body’s joints interact is also key in preventing wear and tear. Every joint affects others, just like how a disturbance in one area of the body (e.g., ankle sprain pain) can affect other areas (e.g., back pain from limping). Addressing the interlinked “kinetic chains” helps preserve your joints in the long run, just like aligning the tires on your car helps them last longer.

Chiropractic Care: Your Partner in Health

Doctors of Chiropractic like Dr. Shaye can help you recover from serious injuries and assist in rehabilitation. They can also maintain your functional alignment to ensure your joints work to their full capacity.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  Whether your goal is peak performance or extending the life of your real (and replaced) joints, a chiropractor can be your partner in this journey.

All chiropractors are well-versed in the function of the nervous system and every joint in the human body. They offer more than just pain relief—they’re focused on helping you maximize your quality of life.

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